ATMs for sale in Istanbul Zeytinburnu, investment potential for Turkish Citizenship seekers

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3 ATMs come with a 3-year rental guarantee and high rental income

This hassle-free investment is a convenient way of getting Turkish Citizenship.

These 3 bank ATMs are tenanted by Yapi Kredi, Akbank, and QNB Finansbank, occupying an area of 110 m2. They come with 3 years of rental guarantee and bring 20.000 TL monthly. If you are a citizenship seeker and looking for a convenient investment in Turkey, this is an ideal offer for you. 

Why should you invest in Zeytinburnu?

Zeytinburnu has undergone rapid urbanization in recent years, especially on its coastline, where multifaceted real estate projects are realized. It is rich in historical texture with old monuments and cultural centers which exhibit different characters of Istanbul. It is conveniently connected to the rest of Istanbul, thanks to its great transportation network.

Important Details in Summary

Eligible for Turkish citizenship
Rental income: 20.000 TL
The sale price is:
3 years rental guarantee

This property was published on 19-11-2021.
It was last updated on 27-11-2022.
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This property is located in Istanbul Zeytinburnu

Istanbul Zeytinburnu
Zeytinburnu for a real estate investment The rapid urbanization movement in Zeytinburnu affected positively the reputation of the district
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