Affordable tiny-house for sale full of character in the center of Izmir, Airbnb potential

Ref: 8002
Rooms 1+1
Price in seller's currency : 275.000 ₺
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This apartment was used as Airbnb previously and it has high review rates

For the minimalist movers and shakers who understand that life is too precious to contain oneself within living spaces, Turkey Expert offers a tiny-house concept in the center of Izmir. This tastefully crafted studio-type apartment offers everything that one might need in their living quarters; a kitchen, a living space, working space, and a twin loft bed with a desk combo. And for the ultimate convenience, there is also a washing machine and built-in shelves.  

When you’re living in the center of Izmir, it means that you’re in a cultural hub surrounded by superior amenities and countless options for entertainment and outdoor excursions. In this location, life beckons you to move forward, come out and play, and experience life.

This is the ideal property that’ll remind you of this concept every day. It’ll provide you with the comfort and the security that you seek when you need to relax and recharge, and then it’ll propel you to get out and do it all over again. This is an ideal place for living but not remaining stuck, ideal for leasing or considering as an Airbnb option to further profit and provide such an exceptional experience for others to have as well. 

Please contact us for more details, we can also share Airbnb reviews and information of the property if it is of interest.

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