A special villa for sale in Izmir situated on a 5600 m2 olive grove

M2 150
Rooms 2+2
Garden 170 m2
Price in seller's currency : 3.250.000 ₺
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Situated in a coastal district of Seferihisar, in the Izmir Province, and tucked away from the stresses of busy city life, sits a uniquely designed villa inspired by nature. Unique in every way possible and secluded in the sanctuary-like Seferihisar mountains, it is surrounded by breathtaking scenery and nature and is situated on a 5,600 m2 olive grove. 

Inspiring upon arrival, the villa is gated with a  round stone wall leading to the complex's gate, made out of polished, natural branches. Afterward, one is met by a round, concrete residence and is welcomed inside by a reciprocal frame ceiling and a conical ceiling framework duo with double-stacked total-facade panoramic windows, adding life and an omniscient element to the villa.

Inspired by nature and perfected by its element, which can be found in every nook cranny; starting with the cantilever natural branch railing with a Sapeli hardwood staircase that crescents against a round, stone wall, to natural travertine stone flooring, a 4.5 m floor-to-ceiling fireplace-and-mantel combo, leading to a Kratki Amelia model chimney, and adding the details to everything else in between. Including built-in pinewood bookshelves, vestiyer, kitchen shelves, custom-made living room furniture, counter, and cabinets. 

And the magic doesn’t just stop in the living quarters—once you step outside of the residence, the real magic begins. From 450 m2 of natural stone walls, which curve around the house, 250 m2 of which are composed of a travertine stone surface, to wood and stone decks, intricate landscape, and several recreational areas, including an 8 person walnut outdoor dining table with chairs, leading to a 30 m2 oval-shaped pool, lounge area with a trellis roof sitting area accompanied by an outdoor fire pit, all of this is offered in the backdrop of a picturesque setting where one can find themselves in complete unity and oneness of nature. 

Property specifications

- 30 m2 bedroom loft

- 50 cm walls packed with 20 cm expanded perlite insulation 

- 15 cm glass wool roof insulation 

- 4 cm XPS floor insulation 

- 21 kW solar energy system 

- 15 kW backup generator 

- 55-ton underground cistern 

- 10-ton header tank

- Rain harvesting system

Other features and conveniences of this special property

- Dual reciprocal and conical roof frame

- Franke washing machine 

- Silverline stove and oven 

- Large-capacity Arçelik fridge 

- Utility room

- One hour from Adnan Menderes International Airport 

- 1 hour from Izmir 

- 25 minutes to Seferihisar 

- 35 minutes to Sigacik and beaches 

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