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A luxurious and spacious villa for sale in Istanbul Beykoz

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A four-floor house with a private large garden and a swimming pool for sale in Istanbul

This property is no longer available. Please contact us for similar villa properties in Istanbul Beykoz.

Beykoz district in Istanbul is one of the most beautiful regions in the Asian part of Istanbul. Beykoz is located in the north, with the Black Sea bordering its northern parts, the Bosphorus bordering its northern, western parts, Uskudar on its southern parts, and Anatolian breathtaking forests cover its Eastern sides.

We have a private villa with a large garden surrounding its, and a private swimming pool in Acarkent, Beykoz, for sale.

The property's highlights:

  • The backyard of the villa has a private garden, and it overlooks the colorful Anatolian hills.
  • The garden is well designed with grass, plants, and pine trees.
  • The main entrance of the villa has a security code.
  • There are indoor car parking and outdoor car parking.
  • The large open-plan kitchen has a built-in stove, a built-in oven, a microwave, an extractor hood, a fridge, and a marble counter.
  • The kitchen floor is ceramic.
  • The kitchen walls have different colors and designs.
  • The villa has a high ceiling which gives more space to its rooms and halls.
  • There is a small dining set area next to the kitchen and opens up to a closed terrace that is used as a living room. The terrace overlooks the garden, the hills, and the swimming pool.
  • There are two living rooms; one has a large dining room.
  • There are balconies on each room and each floor.
  • The entrance floor is granite.
  • The rooms' floor is parquet.
  • There are chandeliers, wall lamps, and LED lights on the ceilings.

Beykoz is the perfect place for nature lovers, luxury admirers, and privacy seekers. To arrange for a viewing tour, please feel free to contact us.

This property was published on 23-11-2020.
It was last updated on 27-11-2022.
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This property is located in Istanbul Beykoz

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