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Special price for a commercial property suitable for Turkish Citizenship in Beylikduzu

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A good opportunity for real estate investors in Istanbul's newest district, Beylikduzu. This commercial property has a strategic location in a vibrant area in Beylikduzu, where various city amenities are within a short distance.

Further details about Beylikduzu shop;

  • The property has a 184m2 spread on two floors, and it is located in front of  Starbucks, close to Metrobus station and the E-5 highway.
  • Vodafone, a global communication company, rents the shop for five years.
  • The lease contract is renewable for another five years.

Why should you consider this property?

  • Beylikduzu in Istanbul is a good district to start a business or to invest in real estate for many reasons. Due to its new infrastructure, fine buildings, parks, amazing coast, high-quality housing projects, etc., this area has become the first choice for locals and foreigners who would like to live in a semi-luxurious lifestyle at affordable prices compared to other parts of Istanbul such as Sariyer, or Beykoz. Therefore real estate prices in Beylikduzu have increased and will continue to rise.
  • Vodafone is a well-known company with a great client base in a well-serviced area, which means regular rent payments, and a long-term lease contract.
  • The monthly rent income is 16.000TL.
  • This property is suitable for Turkish Citizenship.

This property is to be sold at  TL 3.200.000, and it is a special rate only for this week. Don't miss this opportunity and contact us for further details,

This property was published on 14-09-2021.
It was last updated on 27-11-2022.
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This property is located in Istanbul Beylikduzu

Istanbul Beylikduzu
While searching for a property in Istanbul, it'll be obvious that Beylikduzu is a preferred location for many new-build modern developments with on-site facilities
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