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Properties for sale in Alanya Oba, with duplex, penthouse, and garden options

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M2 54-170
Rooms 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 4+1
Gorgeous functional sea-view apartments close to the beach are seeking new homeowners in the residential complex with an aqua park, pool, sauna, playgrounds, and more.

Situated overlooking the mesmerizing coast of Alanya, the Oba district has so much beauty to share with its residents and newcomers. Let alone its must-see landmarks; its luxurious residential properties are also upgraded to provide its residents with all they need. This brand new project is nearly one kilometer from the beach and close to all amenities.

Properties for sale in Alanya Oba, with duplex, penthouse, and garden options 0

Property Description

This modern residential complex is constructed on 2,300 sqm, and residential units occupy only 20% of the land. The remaining 80% of the land is spared for the garden, swimming pool, patios, aqua park, and playgrounds. In short, 80% of its land is used for the residents' quality of life.

The project is comprised of 2 blocks consisted of  1 + 1,  2 + 1, 3 + 1, and 4 + 1 apartment types with duplex, garden, and penthouse options.

All the apartment units have a private balcony to enjoy the soothing view of Oba. Having an A/C in every room, built-in storage units in the entryway/hallway, high-quality finishing, and fully equipped bathrooms.

Delivery is in August 2021, and the Title-Deed is ready.

A comfortable payment plan is offered with a 30% down payment with interest-free installment.

About Oba

Oba, only 4 km from Alanya's center, is one of the elite districts of Alanya, famous for its lovely beaches, historical sites, and museums. There is a beautiful Dimchay river with recreation and picnic areas. A big bowling center, an equestrian center, and an Alanium shopping and entertainment complex are worth visiting.

There are fine restaurants you can dine with your family, cozy cafes you can hang out with your friends, beautiful picnic areas nearby, sports complexes, and malls that are not too far. Although it is a must-visit area for tourists, it is nearly 25 thousand people. Oba is easily accessible by public transportation. From Gazipasa Airport to Oba is 35 km by shuttles/car, and it takes only 10 min to get to Oba from Alanya's downtown by bus.

Properties for sale in Alanya Oba, with duplex, penthouse, and garden options 1


. Outdoor swimming pool/Aquapark
. Children's swimming pool
. Children's playground
. 24/7 CCTV/Security
. Sauna
. Gym/fitness center
. Gazebo/camellias
. Children playground
. Electric generator
. Landscape
. Parking lot
. Elevator
. BBQ areas
. Balcony

Technical Features

. Penthouses with swimming pool/the terrace(optional)
. American panel CNC doors
. Spotlights in living rooms
. High-quality colorful PVC framed windows
. Tempered glazed balcony bars
. High-quality granite floors
. Tempered glazed shower cabinets
. High-quality MDF kitchen cupboards
. Granite kitchen countertops
. Internet and TV connections ready
. Steel doors
. Intercom/Wi-Fi


  10 m from the bus stop
100 m from the coffee shop
100 m from the bakery
100 from supermarket
100 m from the restaurant
300 m from the hospital
400 m from the shopping mall
1 km from the beach

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