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Hotel for sale in Istanbul Basaksehir

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M2 1200
Rooms 22
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Hotel with rental guarantee in Basaksehir for sale

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Hotel in Basaksehir with 1200 square meters for sale. Being located in Basaksehir, the new hub of Istanbul gives it more advantages. Basaksehir gained its popularity due to its location close to the new airport and its new medical city. It has been through a massive transformation in its infrastructure to make it one of Istanbul's finest neighborhoods. 

Also, it hosts a significant number of expatriates who have started their business in the area, which contributed to its progress.

The hotel's highlight:

  • The hotel consists of eight floors and 22 rooms.
  • It has a monthly rent of 20,000TL.
  • It is suitable for citizenship.

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This property was published on 09-11-2020.
It was last updated on 27-11-2022.
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This property is located in Istanbul Basaksehir

Istanbul Basaksehir
New Istanbul Airport The opening of New Istanbul Airport (the biggest international airport in the world) on the northern side of Basaksehir increased the value of the real estate in the region additionally
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