Gorgeous stone house for sale in Bodrum Yalikavak amidst the nature

Ref: 20068
M2 900-1440
Rooms 6+1
Garden 5000 m2
Looking over the Yalikavak Bay, our beautiful stone houses are built to high standards, providing comfortable and elegant living spaces with guest houses and facilities.

The luxury stone houses in this project are located within a 4000 to 5000 sqm plot, offering both privacy and stunning views of Yalikavak Bay in Bodrum. These houses are designed to cater to year-round living, providing comfort and luxury throughout the seasons. Each stone house offers a spacious area ranging from 900 to 1440 square meters. This ample space allows for comfortable living and various customization options.

Gorgeous stone house for sale in Bodrum Yalikavak amidst the nature 0

One of the notable features of these houses is the inclusion of underfloor heating and central air conditioning in all indoor living areas. This ensures that the temperature can be regulated according to your preferences, allowing for a comfortable living environment regardless of the weather outside.

The walls of the houses are constructed to be exceptionally thick, measuring 50-60 centimeters. This design provides maximum insulation, minimizing heat absorption from the sun during the summer months. As a result, the interiors remain cool and pleasant. Additionally, the thick walls also act as insulation during the winter, preventing heat loss and maintaining warmth within the houses.

The key highlights of the properties:

The living room and main suite of each house feature impressive vaulted ceilings with a height of 4.5 meters. These ceilings are adorned with beautiful wood beams, adding a touch of elegance and grandeur to the interiors.

Gorgeous stone house for sale in Bodrum Yalikavak amidst the nature 1

Each house includes a dedicated main suite, providing a luxurious and private retreat for the homeowners. The room is designed to offer comfort and tranquility.

The kitchen in each house is a standout feature, boasting built-in appliances and a barrel-vaulted ceiling made of exposed brick. This unique design element adds character and charm to the culinary space, creating a visually striking ambiance for cooking and dining.

Each house comprises six bedrooms, each equipped with an ensuite shower and bathroom, to ensure every resident has their own private and convenient space. The properties also include a separate guesthouse, offering additional accommodation for visitors or extended family members. There are also dedicated quarters for staff members.

Fitness, sauna, and hobby room: Residents can enjoy dedicated spaces for fitness activities, relaxation in the sauna, and pursuing hobbies. These areas are designed to cater to the wellness and recreational needs of the residents.

Gorgeous stone house for sale in Bodrum Yalikavak amidst the nature 2

Outdoor pool and pool deck: The property features a spacious outdoor pool, allowing residents to indulge in leisurely swims. The pool deck provides ample space for lounging and socializing while enjoying the beautiful surroundings.

Laundry, storage, and technical rooms cater to the day-to-day needs of the residents, providing convenient spaces for organization and maintenance.

Each house also has an indoor garage, allowing residents to park their vehicles securely.

These luxury stone houses in Bodrum offer a combination of privacy, breathtaking views, and exceptional features. Designed for year-round living, they prioritize comfort, convenience, and elegance. The underfloor heating, central air conditioning, thick walls for insulation, and various amenities make these houses a perfect choice for those seeking a comfortable lifestyle in the beautiful setting of Yalikavak Bay.

Gorgeous stone house for sale in Bodrum Yalikavak amidst the nature 3

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