Boutique hotel for sale in Antalya Old Town

Ref: 20304
M2 288
Distance to beach 400 m
Price in seller's currency : € 2.800.000
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This boutique hotel in Antalya Old Town is 400 meters from the beach, featuring 20 rooms and a thriving business.

Located in the heart of Antalya's historic Old Town district, this charming boutique hotel is spread across 3 floors with a total land area of 288 square meters. Boasting 20 rooms, a restaurant, and 2 shops, it offers visitors an intimate and comfortable experience while exploring the city's rich cultural heritage and enjoying its holiday ambiance.

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The hotel grounds have modern amenities such as well-lit footpaths, 24-hour security surveillance, and a backup generator to ensure guests' comfort and safety. A supermarket within the premises provides further convenience for short-term and long-term stays. With professional hotel management, international accounting practices, and regular financial audits, including tax and profitability assessments, investors can rest assured that their investment will yield lucrative returns in the thriving hospitality sector.


Features of the location:

Antalya's Old Town is a captivating labyrinth of cobblestone streets, ancient ruins, and colorful Ottoman-style architecture. Nestled around the cliffsides overlooking the sparkling Mediterranean Sea, this historical city boasts breathtaking views and is a testament to Turkey's vibrant history and culture.

Visitors can wander through narrow alleys lined with traditional homes adorned with intricate wooden balconies and brightly colored bougainvillea flowers or marvel. For those interested in archaeology, the Antalya Archaeological Museum houses some of the most extensive collections from Anatolia spanning several millennia.

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Meanwhile, food enthusiasts can indulge in delicious local cuisine in family-owned restaurants amidst the picturesque neighborhoods. Despite significant renovations and development, the place remains true to its roots by preserving its authentic charm and character.

  • The sea: 250 m
  • Public transport: 350 m
  • The beach: 400 m
  • Airport: 13 km
  • Main road: 300 m

This property was published on 23-01-2024.
It was last updated on 28-05-2024.
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