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Apartment for sale in Istanbul Kartal near the coast

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Apartment for sale in a residential compound in Istanbul Kartal

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This 1+1 Apartment is located on the ground floor of a five-block residential project in Kartal. The project is within a short distance to the Kartal Coast, where you can enjoy the amazing view of the sea and the islands, the Kartal Marina, and the Marmaray station.

Apartment for sale in Istanbul Kartal near the coast 0

The compound has many social facilities, such as an indoor swimming pool, fitness, spa, Turkish bath, indoor car parking, helicopter port (Helipad), shops, and restaurants.

The Apartment has a built-in kitchen that opens to the balcony, a bedroom room, and a living room.

Apartment for sale in Istanbul Kartal near the coast 1

The balcony and the view of the Apartment are in the swimming pool.

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This property was published on 05-11-2020.
It was last updated on 27-11-2022.
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This property is located in Istanbul Kartal

Istanbul Kartal
The coastal district attracts upper-middle-class families, working professionals, and investors for many reasons
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