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A three-year rental guarantee shop for sale in Beylikduzu

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M2 400
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Commercial property in Beylikduzu suitable for citizenship

A spacious commercial property of 400 square meters in Beylikduzu for sale. Beylikduzu is the new attractive district in Istanbul. Its modern buildings, wide highways, public transportation means, and beautiful coast and marina make it the best choice for investors and real estate buyers. 

The commercial property has a large 400 square meters and is rented by the Brick Bistro and cafe for three years with a monthly rent of 22.500 TL.

What makes this property a good option to buy?

  • The property is rented by a well-known brand in the food industry.
  • The property has a rental guarantee of 22.500 TL monthly for three years.
  • It is suitable for citizenship.
  • The property is located in Beylikduzu, one of the fast-developing areas in Istanbul, which may have promised high investment returns.


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This property was published on 11-11-2020.
It was last updated on 27-11-2022.
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This property is located in Istanbul Beylikduzu

Istanbul Beylikduzu
While searching for a property in Istanbul, it'll be obvious that Beylikduzu is a preferred location for many new-build modern developments with on-site facilities
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