Driving in Turkey

Driving Licence

EC licence is accepted for up to 3 months.
Minimum driving age is 18. That means, you can rent a car, or you can also buy a car, if you think of staying longer. To rent a car you must be over 21 and have a valid driving licence.

Speed Limits

Cars only
Built-up areas = 50 kph
Major roads outside towns = 90 kph
Motorways = 120 kph
Drinking and Driving
Blood / Alcohol limit is 0.05%.

Road Signs

Turkish road signs conform to International Protocol on Road signs.
Historical sites, of which there are many, are marked by yellow signposts.
Some signs you might see in turkish, are
Rakim = Altitude
Nifus = Population
Yavas = Slow
Tamirat = Road works
Hastahane = Hospital
Fotograf ve Film Cemek Yasaktir = Photography forbidden
Gumruk = Customs
Dur = Stop
Dikkat = Attention
Yabancilara Yasaktir = No trespassing
Yasak Bölge = Entrance forbidden

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