Building Land in Turkey

Are you interested in investing in a real estate project in Turkey?

As an investor, it's possible to actively partner and be a part of one of our interesting real estate development projects.
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Cem Sezen

As the property prices increase, the lands are becoming more and more valuable. Market for building plots and land has never been more dynamic in and around Kusadasi before. We are not able to upload all the last minute and up to date information here on this section due to nature of the market.

We provide professional construction services

We have a professional team to assist you with construction. We help you every step of the way including locating the suitable land to build on, project planning, design & architects, all necessary paper work (establishing a limited company etc…) and the actual construction.

Price level
Ref: 4603
52000 m2
Ref: 4562
450 - 500 m2
Ref: 3229
742 m2
Ref: 3175
1814 m2
Ref: 3125
6600 m2
Ref: 3069
413 m2
Ref: 3056
12469 m2
Ref: 3018
2632 m2
Ref: 2920
5880 m2
Ref: 2608
900 m2
Ref: 2508
811 m2
Ref: 2277
13716 m2 0
Ref: 2228
1136 m2 0
Ref: 2040
7582 m2 0
Ref: 1643
0 m2 5-10
Ref: 1141
12000 m2 0