About Turkey Expert

Turkey Expert has been in the business since 1986

Our vision is to fill out the gap of straight forward and true client oriented real estate consultancy in Turkish real estate market.

Our mission is providing accurate information, direct and honest consultancy, and refrain from vague statements that are directly affecting our clients' finances which we see equally important as our own finances.

Why Turkey Expert?

Turkey Expert is not a marketing company which orbits around few brand projects no matter what clients demand. Turkey Expert believes every client's needs are unique therefor all inquiries need to be handled with absolute sensitivity. We get best results with our like minded clients who are willing to spend time studying the market with us and reaching to conclusions on why or how general market offers may not be what they seem.

We do believe in the generosity of Turkish real estate market, but we also believe in right price parameter. In long term all real estate investment pays of well in a country like Turkey where there is a rapid population growth. The price you buy from is the main indicator when it will pay off.

We do appreciate the god given beauty of this country and willing to spend time with you to explore and pass our extensive knowledge and lead you to a right home which you will be very proud of many years to come. Just let us know about your dreams.

We are not humble of our negotiation skills. We are the leader on this field along with finding the right portfolio for each client. Negotiation is based on information and intelligence, not on good buddy relations with sales offices or property owners. You will be understanding more of our incomparable skills once we start working as a team towards a deal.

We have a team of highly decorated real estate professionals and looking forward to working with you. Give us a call or drop us a line anytime you wish and let's get started.

Christine J.C. Altinay, MA

  • Managing partner
  • Real estate consultant with real estate appraiser license by the State
  • Legal interpreter (German, French)
  • Spoken languages: German, Turkish, English, French
Cem Sezen

Cem Sezen, BA

  • Managing partner & Business Developer
  • Real Estate Project Planning & Construction
  • Real estate consultant with real estate appraiser license by the State
  • Spoken Languages: Turkish, English, Dutch
Deniz Altinay Sezen

Deniz Altinay Sezen, BA

  • Real estate consultant with real estate appraiser license by the State
  • Broker
  • Legal and literair interpreter
  • Spoken Languages: Turkish, English, German, Dutch
Ali Ihsan Acar

Ali Ihsan Acar

  • Rentals
  • Property management
  • Transaction agent
  • After sales support
  • Spoken Languages: Turkish, English
Salih Yıldırım

Salih Yıldırım, BA

  • Istanbul Regional Manager
  • Istanbul Property Investment Advisor (+15 years)
  • Real estate consultant with real estate appraiser license by the State
  • Spoken Languages: Turkish, English
Emin Kurnasan

Emin Kurnasan

  • Istanbul Sales Consultant
  • Spoken Languages: Turkish, Arabic, English, French

Dear Christine, Deniz and Cem, thank you for your excellent service when we purchased from you. This was our first venture into property in Turkey and you made the whole process very easy. ...

Louise, Cambridge England

hi i would just like to say a big thanks for helping me sell my property i am very happy with price i recieved and its arrived into my account thanks Arthur.

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