How much does it cost to buy a property in Turkey ?

There'll be typically variable costs and fixed costs when purchasing your property in Turkey.

Variable costs

Total sales tax (buyer's + seller's): 4% (This amount was increased from 3,3% to 4% in year 2013)

Broker comission fee: 3%

Fixed costs

(Please note that some of the fees below are listed in Turkish Lira)

Earth quake insurance: 200 TL

Title deed delivery fee (doner sermaye): 185 TL

Notary fees for power of attorney documents: 600 TL
With these documents your solicitor or we can sign on your behalf for the title deed to be delivered in your name as soon as your clearance arrives (military clearance can take up to 5 weeks), and also register electrictricity and water on your name.

Electricity & water subscription fees and deposits : 800 TL

Certificate of habitation : 1500 - 2000 TL
Certificate of habitation cost typically occurs if you're the first inhabitant of the property.

After sales cost; electric & water registration fees: 800 TL
These’re municipality charges when registering electric and water subscriptions on your name.

Solicitor's representation fee: 1000 EUR
Having a solicitor to represent you during the sales procedure is not a must, however we recommend it to our clients.