Hair Transplant in Turkey

Turkey is the leading country when it comes to health tourism. Especially hair transplantation in Turkey has become popular during the last decade. Thousands of health tourists from all over the world visit Turkey each month for hair implants.  

Turkey is one of the first to be considered when it comes to hair transplantation. The reason for this is its rapid development in the health sector. According to the studies, 2,000 tourists are coming to Turkey per month for hair transplantation. With such numbers, it is not a surprise that there are also a significant number of unlicensed hair transplantation clinics.

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Why choose Turkey for hair transplantation?

Turkey has not only unbeatable prices for hair transplants, but it has also hospitals and clinics with the latest technologies and doctors with a high level of expertise. Besides that, the all-inclusive medical health packages in Turkey make the procedure take place smoothly and allow you to discover the beautiful city of Istanbul or Izmir during your visit. More details available on our Hair Transplant Costs in Turkey and Planning Your Treatment pages. 

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Hair transplantation methods FUT, FUE, and DHI

FUT, FUE, and DHI are all good methods and are being used in the clinics in Turkey. The difference is that with FUT a strip of hair is being collected from the donor site whereas with the FUE and DHI the hair is collected individually. This brings with it that FUE and DHI take longer and are higher in costs, but heal faster and have minimal scarring. 

DHI on the other is also called micro-FUE and has two main differences to FUE. First, with DHI a special DHI implanter is being used to place the hair, which allows doctors to control the depth, the direction and the angle of the individual grafts. Herewith fewer grafts are needed for a fuller look. 

Secondly, with DHI the donor area doesn’t need to be shaved. 

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