Turkey Hair Transplant Prices

Turkey is one of the first to be considered when it comes to hair transplantation. The reason for this is its rapid development in the health sector. According to the studies, 2,000 tourists are coming to Turkey per month for hair transplantation. With such numbers, it is not a surprise that there are also a significant number of unlicensed hair transplantation clinics. 

All hair transplantation processes are unique and need to be realized by specialized hospitals and doctors to give you the most satisfactory result without complications.

We are offering our clients hair transplantation packages in Turkey, including Safir FUE and DHI techniques. We work with a licensed and fully equipped hospital with experienced doctors and medical assistants. The operations are performed by the doctor. This point is essential, because, at many clinics, the procedure is performed by the assistants.

We have an extensive package program for our customers. Our hair transplantation package in Turkey includes:

- A 5-star hotel accommodation (Green Park Pendik/Divan Asia)

- VIP transfer

- Graft Unrestricted Hair transplantation operation

- Interpreter during the whole process

- Analyses and tests

- Free 1 session PRP

- Medical Drugs and Shampoo

- Warranty Certificate

We provide a free consultation to our clients who contact us for the first time. The free consultation works as following:

- Our medical staff contacts you after your contact inquiry reaches us:
At first, they will ask your hair photos taken from four sides. According to these photos, our doctors evaluate and inform whether an operation is suitable, which technique should be used, and how many grafts would be applied to which area. 

- Then the counselors share this information with you. They also provide things on how we should proceed, and they answer your possible questions. Communication continues during the decision process.
The whole process should take approximately one week. 

Fill in our contact form for a free consultation. 

If you decide to continue, the process continues as follows: 

Day 1:
- Arrival at the airport & VIP transfer to the hospital; If possible, arriving in the morning hours would be more efficient as the procedure can begin on the same day. But in case your arrival is later in the day, we would extend your accommodation with one day without any extra charge. 

- Hair transplantation operation; the process would take approximately 6 hours

- VIP transfer to the hotel 

Day 2:
- Free time; The second day is free time. This is a good day for some sightseeing and maybe shopping according to your personal choice. We'll be happy to advise you about the possibilities.

Day 3: 
- First hair wash & VIP transfer to the airport;  On the third day, you will be brought to the hospital for the first wash. After all the check-ups and making sure the operation was successful, we'll accompany you back to the airport.

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