Planning Your Trip

As the first step you can go ahead and book your flight tickets. Please let us know if you need assistance with it. As soon as we receive your flight details, we'll reserve your hotel accommodation and airport transfer. One of our drivers will be waiting for you at the airport, holding a board with your name on it. As the following step, we'll meet you at the hotel, bring you to our office to discuss further about your property search, and decided on the properties to view. Should you decide to buy, all the necessary paperwork can be completed within hours, but you will need a working day to complete this on.

We do not offer free inspection visits; these free (or very low cost) inspection visits also mean a high pressure tactics to sell. We prefer to consult our clients about the properties without any pressure to buy. If you should decide to buy, we'll refund the cost of your accommodation and airport transfers.

For further information please contact us;